• Muc-Off MO-94 covers all the bases with its incredible formula that quickly and effectively penetrates moisture, lubricates moving parts and leaves a long lasting protective film. It prevents dirt adhesion and also drives out excess water to keep rust and corrosion at bay. MO-94 isn't just for bikes, motorcycles or cars. It works on just about anything.
  • Poor running engine or down on performance? PrimeShine Carb Cleaner has been perfectly designed to penetrate all parts of the carburettor or injector to quickly and efficiently remove grime and contaminants.
  • Quick action for performance braking Our specially formulated Brake Cleaner is designed to rapidly remove dirt, dust, carbon and oil build up on all braking components, leaving you with the optimum braking performance for your motorcycle. Its quick dry action allows you just enough time to wipe away any residual dirt for prime stopping power.
  • If you are looking for an all-round motorcycle protectant for your motorbike - then this is it! The high concentration of P.T.F.E helps prevent dirt adhesion between washes. Motorcycle Protectant has been developed so it can be used all over your motorbike, and has an after wash corrosion inhibitor which drives out moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective layer smelling of fresh Vanilla! It's safe to be used on the frame, chain, metal parts, plastics, rubber and of course the paintwork itself.
  • The Muc-off Mini Lube Kit means you're sorted for chain lube for all occasions. These are suitable for all on-road and off-road bikes. The kit contains a Muc-Off 50ml Dry Chain Lube, a Muc-Off 50ml All-Weather Chain lube and a Muc-Off 50ml Wet Chain Lube.
  • Our BananaSlip Chain Lube has been specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well under intense use in all weather conditions, while providing long lasting protection. Upon application it penetrates deep into all parts of the chain to give optimum coverage. Uses for BananaSlip Chain Lube: > High performance motorcycles > Street, track or race riding > Regular application of chain oil > Aggressive or fast riding > Frequent gear changes and quick shifting
  • PrimeShine Chain Cleaner is perfectly formulated to lift tough, built up dirt and grime from your chain. Perfect for removing grease and oil, it leaves your chain looking new again while protecting against contaminants and corrosion. It's easy to use with minimal effort, giving you the perfect surface to apply a fresh coat of lubricant or wax.
  • The Chain Clean & Lube Bundle provides you with the perfect equipment to clean and maintain your motorcycle's drive chain. Removing all the existing dirt, grease and grime before effectively lubricating your chain to provide long lasting protection and increased chain life. PrimeShine Chain Cleaner and Muck Monkey are perfectly coupled to breakdown and remove dirt build up to leave your chain looking like new, ready for a fresh application of lubricant. BananaSlip Chain Lube is the perfect choice to provide long lasting chain lubrication with enhanced performance and a fresh banana fragrance.
  • tru-tension-luxury-motorcycle-bundleEnhance any riders toolbox with this 7 piece Luxury Bundle of motorcycle tools, cleaning products and innovative lubricants from Dragons’ Den winners Tru-Tension. The perfect gift for any motorbike rider, whether its on road, commuting, racing, off road and Motocross!


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