The LS2 Rapid FF353 is a motorcycle helmet that really gives you a lot of value for your money! Don’t be fooled by the price tag.

The LS2 Rapid is a full face helmet that offers a weight of only 1300 grams, a visor with Quick Release system and Pinlock which is usually only included in significantly more expensive helmets.

The helmet has a shell made of HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology), which in addition to being lightweight also offers good shock absorption and distribution. This, together with laser-cut multi-density EPS foam, ensures that the head is properly protected.

Ventilation on top of helmet, at the chin, as well as an exhaust on the back of the helmet together with the breathable inner lining provide good comfort.

Removable and washable interior that is also hypoallergenic

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant visor with Pinlock (provides awesome protection against build-up of fog)

Reinforced chin strap with Quick Release

Breath box

Approved according to ECE 22.05 Weight: 1300 +/- 50 gm.