The R&G Urban/Scooter Outdoor Cover fits on scooters with/without topboxes installed. Specially designed to include many new features. Based off our original award winning Superbike Cover (BC0006) design and made of the same quality waterproof material, the cover also features elasticated rim and Belly straps as standard ensure the cover stays fixed in place and stops wind, mud or water getting up inside the cover and ensure a tight fit around the base. Front and rear chain loops for security devices covered by a velcro® closing flap to ensure the cover is fully waterproof, high-visibility reflective logos and trim piping for additional visibility at night and includes a specially de  signed pouch at the rear for the topbox, which folds away when not in use.

Our Superbike cover was awarded “Best Buy” by Ride Magazine (Dec ’08 issue) scoring a straight 21/21 points – what more can you ask for! And Winner of Product of the Year 2010 by BikeChatter. Features include: DURABLE WATERPROOF OUTER LAYER FRONT CHAIN LOOP FLAP ELASTICATED EDGING HIGH-VISIBILITY LOGO AND PIPING BELLY STRAPS REAR TOPBOX POUCH Capable of covering the large range of scooters including Honda Innova 125i, Honda NSC50R, Honda PCX, Honda SH125i, Honda SH300i, Honda Vision, Honda Wave 110i, Suzuki Sixteen 125, Yamaha AeroxR, Yamaha Bwis 125, Yamaha CS50, Yamaha CYGNUSX, Yamaha Vity 125 and Yamaha YN50 to name but afew! even with the topbox still left on the bike!

NOTE: If the exhaust is likely to come into contact with the cover, it must be allowed to cool before the cover is fitted.

NOTE: If the cover appears loose on the bike please take extra care to tighten straps and secure, a loose fitting cover can cause damage to paintwork and trim.

IMPORTANT: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the cover is fitted safely and in accordance with our guidelines. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for damage caused by misuse or failure to fit the cover correctly and securely.